2024 Issues VOL. 5 : Issue 3

Illiteracy and Its Measures to Eradicate It

Paper Title Author Name Download
“Emerging Marketing Trends & Analysis of Consumer Satisfaction towards Food-Ordering Apps with reference to Zomato” Dr. Lakshman K, Dhroov Pugalia ,Khushi Chopra, Dhrishika Saroagi, Khachariya
Het Rajeshbhai, Boyapati Pavan Raj, Pawan Ananth
“Exploring the Impact of Innovation Investment on the Profitability of Listed Companies: A Comparative Analysis” Dr. Amardeep Bajpai Download
“Emerging Ethical Issues & Challenges in marketing Insurance Products among Policy holders with reference to ULIP Insurance” Dr.Lakshman K, Burhanuddin K Habib, Abdullah Khan, Pawan Seervi S, Sohan A, Krishna Agrawal Download
“Influence of Artificial Intelligence in the Process of Consumer Buying Behaviour in Retail Sector” Dr. Lakshman K, Abhishek M, Rashi Agrawal, Chirag, Manik Gupta, Yaksh Kumar Download
Influence of Emerging Marketing Trends among Senior Citizens with Reference to Fintech Company in India Dr. Lakshman K, Utkarsh Gupta, Eshank H, Likhitha.H.O, Aashit Jain Download
“Emerging advertising strategy and trends for promotinggreenvehicles: Consumer Based Analysis-Road to Sustainability” Dr. Lakshman K, Shobit Shukla, Tisha Chindalia, Purvi Verma, Akash Gupta, HarshJain Download
“समकालीन हिंदी साहित्य के अस्मितामूलक विमर्श – I” Download
“समकालीन हिंदी साहित्य के अस्मितामूलक विमर्श – II” Download
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